Enterprise Solutions

Software Development, integration with other software components through API/WebServices, Message Queue management for tranmission over Fax, Email, SMS gateways. Payment gateway integration to facilitate online payments. Cloud based solutions, authentication using open authentication, security. Packaged redistributable solutions. Testing different aspects like functional, integration, performance and privacy of data. MVC architecture based solutions.

Web Development

Web2.0, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Angular JS, Knockout JS, custom JS frameworks. Use of HTML Canvas, SVG to render user actions and save and export those in downloadable image/PDF format. Responsive UI templates, AJAX for real time dynamic resizing and data rendering on browsers across mutiple resolutions such as desktop, mobile and tablet based browsers.

Mobile Development

Cross Platform mobile development for IOS and Android devices. Native platform development for IOS, Android and Windows phones. Mobile apps developed are extensions to enterprise offerings to facilitate automation.

Software Design & Development

Gain thorough understanding of customer requirements, carry out in depth analysis and feasibility of requiremetns. Work on high level architecture and drill down into individual blocks for finalizing the implementation design. Detail development and testing plans along with acceptance criteria and finalize the project plan for end deliverables.


Testing forms an integral part of software delivery. Software developed in house is tested by a team of testers. Testing coverage includes functional tesing, use case based testing, automation of some use cases as per need. Performance tesing and corrective measures, maintain data privacy using security measures as per W3C guidelines.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentaion includes documents required in different phases of SDLC. Depending on execution model adapted by the client set of documentaiton to be provided changes. Typically documentation includes Requirement document, functional document, technical documents, testing plan, development detailing, release notes and user manual.

Deployment Support

Post deployment support and maintenance of software. Provide patches to include issue fixes and new features. Build strong relation with customers with regular interaction, technology solution evaluation, alternate suggestions.

Legacy Software Migration

Migrate legacy software to modern technology stack. Evaluation and udnerstanding of existing solution, highlihgting change points for better solution.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization using SEO recommendations by search endgines and W3C.

Stronger social presence

Sealess integration with social media, but not limited to, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter. Mobile applications extending integration and sharing information with WhatsApp, use of Push Notifications etc.

R & D Lab

Dedicated effort and resource allocation for carrying out R & D focussed towards implenting new technology and improvements in technology in solutions.

Enhanced Graphics

Enhanced Graphics including 3D modelling and walk throughs built using Blender and Babylon.JS allowing customers to provide 360 degree view of their offerings and facilities to their customers